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"So if the SON sets you free, you will be free indeed."  -  John 8:36
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Wives: The Truth is you did NOT deserve this. That is the Truth, even though you wrestle with doubts, causing you to review everything you ever said or did. You find yourself plagued by feelings of Guilt and Shame over something you do not dare to share, even with family or close friends. You feel like you are being punished and you don't know why. You feel abnormal and alone in your situation, but the truth is that Satan is waging a War on Christian women all across our nation and he is using the weaknesses in their own marriages as his weapon against them. Satan wants to keep you isolated, so he can whisper words of discouragement and hopelessness in your ear. Satan wants to convince you that no one can understand, much less HELP you in your crisis. Well Satan is a LIAR!  And Jesus promises that His TRUTH is sufficient to set every one of us FREE,  even YOU!

I can help you find the answers you need. I am not just a Counselor who also happens to be a Christian,  I am a CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR who has seen repeatedly the Miracles of God save "hopeless" marriages. God can resolve human problems using His Power to transform our hearts, our values, our priorities, and our ability to truly love. Your Heavenly Father yearns to comfort you and bring peace to your troubled heart. You are caught in a spiritual battlefield where you feel like you cannot be sure of anything anymore. God hears your cries, and He wants to give you the Truth you need.

God called me over 13 years ago to begin helping couples in their darkest hours. I help men to find the power that God freely provides to conquer their habits and the poor choices they seem to repeat again and again, even in cases where it has become an addiction (adultery, porn, visiting prostitutes, etc). I teach them about what it means to become the Spiritual Leader that God appoints them to be. I teach them (most for the first time), what it means to LOVE someone unselfishly, in the same manner that Christ Loves His Bride - the Church.

BUT That is not nearly enough. Satan has driven a wedge into your RELATIONSHIP. Broken all trust, and robbed you of all your joy, and most of your hope for the future. Your RELATIONSHIP is gutted and clinging to life by a mere thread. And after many years of my working with couples, I have learned a hard-fast TRUTH:  A relationship cannot be restored from only one end. BOTH PARTIES to the relationship must show up, to work together, in unison, and with the mentoring of a Godly Counselor in order to heal the damage that has been done, and to set the relationship on a NEW and more Godly foundation than it ever was before.  We cannot merely restore the relationship (because it was flawed to begin with - judge for yourself by the results so far!), we must let our Lord TRANSFORM our relationship in order to align with His purpose for our lives. God created us for relationship, first with Himself, and then especially with our spouse.  If we do not know His design specs and follow His leading, how can we ever expect the relationship to succeed?

Wives, you are smart enough to know that there is never a relationship where one partner is perfect and the other totally at fault (no matter how it feels). I will teach you the skills that will support and encourage your man to become all that God destined him to be. I will teach you how to help your husband in ways that he will not resent or reject.
Most of all, I will bring you to a place where you can trade in your hopelessness for courage, your fears for a new faith, and help you gain a new understanding of WHERE GOD IS LEADING YOU AS A COUPLE (even though Satan has tried his best to convince you that God has turned His back on your marriage ages ago.)

One important last thing: ........  TRUST - that thing that you believe you could never risk to do ever again, will become your greatest weapon to defeat future attacks by Satan to divide your marriage.  We must start by TRUSTING GOD to still be the One who is stronger that we are, stronger than any of our weaknesses. To be the One who will perform MIRACLES for us and transform our failed love into a more powerful, purer, less-selfish love. One that can reshape our future, and the future for our children!

GOD HAS ANSWERS!    I can help you BOTH to discover those answers. THAT is my ministry and what I have done for years, (through God's empowerment). Couples who had reached "the end", and were resigned to having to divorce, were delivered out of the pit of their situation and given a fresh start, based on a new set of values and priorities (aligned with God's plan for their marriage). Now they work together, growing each day in their relationship to their Heavenly Father, and with each other.  They are no longer enemies. Instead, they join together in building a friendship, and building a new foundation for trust.

Call for an appointment. There is no set fee or cost. You donate what you can afford!

John 8:32 "you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

425-879-7925  -- Ron Shaw
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