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Serving GOD to Help Set His Children FREE !!
"So if the SON sets you free, you will be free indeed."  -  John 8:36
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THERE ARE NO SET CHARGES FOR MY SERVICES.  Just as our business name implies, my services are "Affordable".  What can you afford? .... That is EXACTLY What You PAY!  Even for those who have no money, if they cannot afford to pay, Counseling service are still provided without any restriction.

Jesus never sent anyone a bill!  He gave freely. Those people who believed in what He did, freely gave to support the work of Jesus and his 12 disciples. God has given me this work to do, and HE is my provider. It is my privilege to work with God, and You, to further His mission here on earth, and to help create a change that will last for eternity. Money is just a tool to provide a place to meet (and make sure we have good coffee to drink!!)

If God prompts you to support this work financially, we accept personal checks, (or credit cards or paypal which we process through my personal account, just ask for details). 

  • Just as donations to support Jesus were NOT tax-deductible, neither are these.

Make checks payable to:

EVERETT,  WA  98208

Thank You, and God Bless.

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